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ACS Online Program Information



If you child suffers from health issues and needs to be at home for safety issues, our ACS Online Program will be offered to accommodate your situation. If you are one of these families, you may opt into ACS Online Program with Edmentum/Calvert Learning Platform. ACS will share more information and host parent meetings in the coming weeks for families that would like more information about ACS Online Program. If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren) in our VACS Online Program, please fill out the form linked below and email the completed form to by the advertised deadline to reserve your seat.  Once this form is received, you will be contacted by a school representative with more information.     

K-6th grade Supervising Parent/Guardian Form

K-6th grade Supervising Parent/Guardian Form (SPANISH)

Students who opt into ACS Online Program must stay in the program for an entire 9-week grading period. You may not re-enter into another district learning model until the first 9-week grading period is complete. The Supervising Parent/Guardian must complete and return the Supervising Parent/Guardian Commitment for ACS Online Program form before admission to the ACS Online Program option.


Students enrolled in ACS Online Program will have access to the following:

·       An iPad/Chromebook

·       State of Tennessee Academic Standards

·       Instructional support by a certified teacher through Edmentum/Calvert Learning.

·       Utilization of a learning platform (Edmentum/Calvert Learning for Grades 1-6)


The learning platform students in ACS Online Program will utilize is Edmentum/Calvert Learning. ACS is contracting with this comprehensive service so students enrolled in ACS Online Program will still receive access to rigorous Tennessee state standards while being connected to a certified teacher.


ACS Online Program Learning Expectations

For Students

Digital learning classes offered online provide an alternative to F2F classes and can be beneficial for students for various reasons.  However, not all students find online classes to be the best fit for them.  Please note that the younger the student, the more support is needed from families at home.  Students who are the most successful in online classes have independent time management skills, self-discipline, adult support from home, and are willing to seek additional help for themselves as age appropriate.



  • Actively engage in the learning platform daily.
  • Stay on track with the assignment schedule.
  • Meet assignment deadlines.
  • Seek help immediately if they are experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Attend required in-person testing sessions at their base school.
  • Adhere to all requirements in the ACS Acceptable Use Policy.

For Families

Families play a significant role in the successful online learning of the student.  Depending on the age of the child, some students will be able to work independently through online coursework and assignments, while others will need more support. Below is some information to help your student be successful in this new learning environment.

  • Grades - Check grades and progress regularly through the online platform.
  • Communication - Communicate with your student’s teacher(s) via email. Teachers facilitating Edmentum/Calvert Learning will also have office hours online for additional help.
  • Support– Even though the delivery method is different in an online environment, the intended outcome of student learning is the same.  Please ensure academic integrity by appropriately assisting your student with their assignments and activities.
  • Progress - We encourage families to become familiar with the online platform and learning management system within your child’s account.  This is the best way to stay updated on classroom work, progress, and achievement. See “A Day in the Life of K-6th Student”

ACS Online Program Attendance Expectations

Students will be expected to complete online coursework daily and students must make daily progress toward passing their courses.  Attendance will be taken every day for each course and students will be expected to submit assignments and work on regularly scheduled KCS school days.  Students participating in the ACS Online Program are considered KCS students and will remain enrolled in their base school.  Daily participation is required in the RCL2020.  Daily attendance is noted through student participation in the online platform and in scheduled virtual meetings with the teacher(s).  Student attendance in online learning is required by the State of Tennessee in all grades, classes, and courses.  As of June 22, 2020, the expectation for remote learning from the State of Tennessee is that kindergarten students spend about 4 hours per day engaged in their courses and that students in grades 1 - 12 spend about 6.5 hours per day engaged in their courses.  Note that level of engagement does not equate to hours and hours of screen time.


ACS Online Program Probation or Dismissal

Alamo City Schools reserves the right to remove a student from ACS Online Program for reasons not limited to lack of attendance, Acceptable Use Policy violation, Laptop Use Agreement violation, plagiarism/academic misconduct, etc. Families will be notified in writing of the intent to remove the digital learning choice. If the student does not return to ACS for in-person learning or register as a homeschooled student within 15 days of the written notification, the student may be considered truant and referred to court.


Extracurricular Activities

In order to minimize exposure for families who have chosen the ACS Online Program platform due to health concerns, extracurricular activities will not be available for students on this track.

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