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Alamo City School 2020-21 School Calendar

15 days ago

Alamo City School 2020-2021 School Calendar

Parents and Students,

Please see the revised school calendar using the link provided below.  

Alamo City School 2020-21 School Calendar

Staggered Schedule

Alamo City School FAQ's

15 days ago

Alamo City School FAQ's

Parents and Students,

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions using the link provided below.  

Alamo City School FAQ's

Alamo City School FAQ's - Spanish

Alamo City School Re-Opening Framework

15 days ago


Alamo City School Re-Opening Framework 
Please use the link provided below to view the complete Re-Opening Plan.

To the Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff of Alamo City School,

Welcome Back!!  We cannot wait to see each and every one of you!

The Alamo City School District is working with local, state and federal health and safety agencies in response to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.  Our District’s planned return for the 2020-2021 school year is termed as Forward Together 20-21.  We have spent many weeks meeting, planning, listening, reviewing and evaluating local, state and federal health recommendations.  It is important that everyone in our school family take all necessary steps to reduce transmission of this virus.


Alamo City School strives to nurture, support and educate all children.  We proudly serve the students and families from a variety of backgrounds, cultural experiences and faiths.  We want our children, their families and our staff members to feel safe in our schools and community.  While we are planning for the majority of students to return to our buildings, we understand there will be those who are unable to return and may decide to use our ACS Online Program option when school starts. 

We developed our Forward Together 20-21 plan to provide PK-6th grade students, parents, and staff guidance around policies, practices, and strategies that we must implement and recommendations to optimize education, while promoting health and safety throughout the school year.  Our plan is based on best practice guidance and information from local, state and federal agencies.  Due to the nature of COVID-19, our plan is continually changing as we work closely to ensure our policies, procedures and protocols align with the most current information and Crockett County data about COVID-19.  It is expected that these plans will need to be re-evaluated and adjusted as necessary.

Our Forward Together 20-21 will begin on August 24th for those students who feel comfortable starting back in-person.  In order to provide distancing and other safety precautions, ACS will begin the 2020-21 school year in Scenario 3 for the first two weeks, then transition to Scenario 2, taking the current local and state health guidelines and CDC recommendations into consideration. The following schedule will be followed beginning August 24th through September 4th. Teachers will be notifying parents of the student assignments to groups A & B for the initial two weeks.

As we move forward toward a better future together, we are committed to ensuring all students, families and staff feel safe, valued and connected to our school family.  Our plan will provide guidance on Scenario plans 1,2,3,4 and 4* and what they will mean for instruction, Special Education Services, English Language Learners, environment and transportation. 


In all scenarios of the plan, the health and safety of our students and staff are a top priority and the opening of school will be done in consultation with our partners in public health. As you will see towards the end of the plan, we will prepare for the possibility of transition between scenarios throughout the school year based on positive CODID-19 cases in our community.


Thank you for trusting us with your children.  We appreciate your continued support and patience as we work together to return to ACS.





Reecha Goode Black

Director of Schools

Interested in Becoming a Substitute at ACS?

ACS Online Program Information

15 days ago






If your child has a documented medical issue which would prevent them from returning to school OR a parent/guardian is uncomfortable allowing their child to return to school, you may opt to attend our On-Line program. 

Students who opt in the ACS On-line program must stay in the program until an entire

9-week grading period is complete.  The Supervising Parent/Guardian must complete and return the Supervising Parent/Guardian Commitment for the ACS program before admission to the On-line program.

·      Alamo City School students opting for the On-Line program will have access to the following:

o   iPad or Chromebook

o   online content

o   student workbooks

o   on-line vertical teacher 

·      Parents who choose online virtual learning will enroll for a 9-week period. 

·      Parents/Learning partners are required to attend a meeting with ACS administrators and attend virtual training, prior to beginning the program.





·      Actively engage in the learning platform daily.

·      Stay on track with the assignment schedule.

·      Meet assignment deadlines.

·      Seek help immediately if they are experiencing technical difficulties.

·      Attend required in-person testing sessions at ACS.

·      Adhere to all requirements in the ACS Acceptable Use Policy.




On-Line learning students need to have an adult “learning partner” available to assist with monitoring and supporting the online learning.

·      Grades – Check grades and progress regularly through the online platform.

·      Communication – Communicate with our On-Line Learning Coordinator, via email.  Office hours and phone numbers will be provided at a later date. 

·      Support – Even though the delivery method is different in an online environment, the intended outcome of student learning is the same.  Please ensure academic integrity by appropriately assisting your student with their assignments and activities.

·      Progress – We encourage families to become familiar with the online platform and learning management system.





Students will be expected to complete online coursework daily and students must make daily progress toward passing their courses. 

·      Attendance will be taken every day for each course.  Daily attendance is noted through student participation in the online platform and scheduled virtual lessons with the teacher.

·      Daily attendance is noted through student participation in the online platform and scheduled virtual lessons with the teacher.

·      Students are expected to submit assignments and work on regularly scheduled Alamo City School days.

·      Students remain enrolled in Alamo City School.

·      As per TN state school Board regulations, the virtual day will mimic a typical school day of 4 hours for Kindergarten students and 7 hours for grades 1-6.  Not all of this time will be spent on the computer.  This includes online instruction, paper/pencil activities, curriculum support, lunch, breaks, etc.

·      On-line students will be required to participate in state and local assessments. 




            Alamo City School reserves the right to remove a student from the ACS Online                              Learning program for reasons not limited to the following:

·      Lack of Attendance

·      Violation of Acceptable Use Policy

·      Violation of Laptop Use Agreement

·      Academic Misconduct



            In order to minimize exposure for families who have chosen the ACS Online Program due to health concerns, extracurricular activities will not be available for students on this track.

Standards for School-administered Child Care, Chapter 0520-12-01
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